Updated: 5/2/2020

Storyboard Text

  • last night my grand dad told me about China's Cultural Revolution.
  • Even we want to know about it ...
  • He wanted to rid the country from capitalism.
  • The movement was Mao Zedongs' attempt to re establish himself as the leader of the Communist party
  • He criticized bourgeois authority in the universities.He attacked several journalists for pro capitalistic views.
  • He called the literary and artistic circles bureaucrats.
  • The red guards were Mao's supporters.
  • The red guards who were mainly students were given free rail tickets,free food and free lodging in schools .
  • As a result million of people were disgraced and ruined.
  • the movement was a chaos,the studens became violent.
  • and that was the cultural revolution
  • Thank you for explaining it to us Puneya.