Azarias y Daniel
Updated: 5/19/2020
Azarias y Daniel

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  • Azarías is an old man who lives in a farmhouse with his family. Although he is a rough and has primary instincts, he also has a big heart and a special love for birds.
  • I like to look at pretty birds.
  • Daniel is eleven years old and his parents want him to study so he can progress, but he prefers to be with his friends.
  • I'm going to go find Tiñoso and Moñigo to play on the Campo Grande.
  • Azarias is already old, so in the evenings he takes a walk up to the Campo Grande, sit on a bench and look at the birds.
  • What a pretty jilguero!
  • Daniel instead is young and restless, he goes with his friends to the Campo Grande for sledding, running and playing.
  • One day while he was with his friend Tiñoso in the Campo Grande, this one started talking about birds.
  • Did you know that owlsare unable to turn their eyes and that's why they move their heads completely.
  • But, what are you talkingabout? How do you know that.
  • I asked him what he was looking at and he explained to me the types of birds that are here, in Campo Grande.
  • It's just that the other day I met a gentleman on a bench and he was seeing birds.
  • Well, interesting. Maybe I'll come visit you someday.