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Updated: 11/16/2020
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  • The Intolerable Acts
  • As the colonies we need to untie and finally defeat the British. This is our opportunity to finally gain freedom. But these laws are truly a violation of our human rights.
  • 1. Until further notice the Boston Harbor shipping will be closed until the ruined tea has been repaid for.2. etc...3. etc...If you shall choose to defy these new laws, it will cause you much suffering.
  • The First Continental Congress
  • No, you have it all wrong. If we even make a statement the British rule will become increasingly angrier and see it act of defiance.
  • We need a peaceful message to King George before he repeals all of the American colonies freedom!
  • The Second Continental Congress
  • We need to face this question, who shall lead the New England army?
  • I propose we create a Continental Army, where we have soldiers from each colony.I nominate George Washington!
  • I agree!
  • I agree!
  • Great Britain’s anger over their lack of control ofthe colonies led to the enforcing of the Intolerable Acts. These acts were specifically designed to punish the rebellious colonists for the Boston Tea Party. They were a series of laws where the British government had almost complete power over the colonies, their shipping ports, etc…
  • The Battles of Lexington and Concord
  • Taking place in September of 1774, about 50 leaders from 12 of the colonies joined together in Philadelphia. The meeting also included from most of the British colonies on the North American continent. They formed the continental congress. Together they sent a peaceful message to King George on their situation.
  • Occurring on May 10th, 1775 the 2nd Continental Congress joined together. The most important question they were faced to answer would be who should command the New England Army. One man, John Adams proposed they create a “Continental army” with soldiers from each colony. The Congress agreed, but they still needed a leader. Once again John Adams spoke up and nominated George Washington. They had heard of his heroicness taking place in the French and Indian War, so they unanimously voted him as leader. 
  • General Gage the King’s commander was sent to the America’s to deliver the Kings message or “blows” as he called them. One occurred in Lexington and one occurred in Concord. Here, battles were the outcome of this.
  • The King should not hold such strong power over the colonies. These movements would not have to occur if you would let us have our freedom.
  • The King has a right to deliver these blows, these colonists are continuing to rebel against the British rule.
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