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Quorum Sensing
Updated: 5/6/2020
Quorum Sensing
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  • Morning Lizzie! Sure thing, what's going on?
  • Hey Fi! Can you help me with my bio homework again? I'm lost...
  • Well, my teacher said that there's something called Quorum Sensing which means that Microbes can talk to each other and I wanna call fake news on that
  • WHATever...
  • LOL! You can call fake news all you want but it actually exists! Come with me and I will show you!
  • Bro where are you taking me? You know I hate the outdoors
  • Just chill ok, we are going to a secret place!
  • Potato, potahto! I'm sure he'll be happy we're coming to quiz him on his work!
  • Fi! That's Professor Nealson's place! We can't just invite ourselves in!
  • Fi, it doesn't seem like he is home! I don't think we should be going any further...
  • Fi!! Where are you??
  • I'm in the cellar, Liz! You have GOT to check out what's down here!
  • Girl... I don't know about this.. I just wanted to lol @ my teacher, not explore the catacombs of some scientist's house...
  • Ah, don't be such a scaredy cat! Follow me!!
  • I honestly can't believe you, Fi! This is trespassing! I will tell mum the SECOND we get back.
  • Wooo we're flying!!
  • This must be Professor Nealson's lab! I wonder if he's working on something interesting!
  • NO FI!!! Don't!!!
  • Look! It says "Drink me"!
  • Why do I always have to chase after you?!
  • Ahhh! We're flying!!
  • Are we literally inside a squid?!
  • Yeah, I guess we are! Look at these cuties! I reckon they are Vibrio fisheri!
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