Teach-Now Module 5 Unit 3 Activity 2
Updated: 2/7/2020
Teach-Now Module 5 Unit 3 Activity 2

Storyboard Description

A teacher talkers to a student's mother about her child not reaching the expected growth rate

Storyboard Text

  • Yes, hi, I'm Ashley, good to meet you. So what is this about? Julie is usually one of the top students in her class. I was a little concerned when I got your email.
  • Yeah, to be honest, I saw those and wasn’t too sure how to read them, but it looked like she scored in the higher percentile range so I felt satisfied with that?
  • First, please don’t be concerned. Julie is an excellent student and I enjoy having her in my class, truly. I just have a few observations about her recent MAP testing scores, specifically in Reading Fluency.
  • Hi, you must be Julie's mom. Thank you for agreeing to meet with me this morning.
  • Yes, quite a bit. My husband too, we both read a lot.
  • Well, actually we read at night before bed, and that’s long after Julie is asleep.
  • Gotcha. Try this: even if it’s just a few minutes each day, let Julie see you reading. Have you ever heard of Jim Trelease’s book “The Read Aloud Handbook” ?
  • That’s great to hear! Tell me, when do you read? Does Julie see you doing it?
  • Yes, Julie did score highly, but let’s look at her results from earlier this year, and from Grade 3 last year. MAP provides this amazing prediction of growth to anticipate where students might grow. It’s not a guarantee, but when students fall short of this growth repeatedly over time, it can be worth looking into.
  • I see. I have noticed that Julie doesn’t seem to like to read as much as she used to. When I asked her about it a few weeks ago she said reading is fun but she doesn’t want her friends to think she’s a nerd. We had a nice discussion but I guess there’s more to this. What should we do?
  • Great attitude to have Ashley. I think there are lots of things we can do, but let’s start with something small. Do you like to read yourself?
  • Okay, we can try that. No I have not heard of the book.
  • Okay, that’s fine. It’s a great resource for parents and it deals mostly with literacy at home. Here’s a brochure from the author’s website you can read. It might answer some questions you have. The author maintains that one of the biggest contributors to children reading is having positive role models in the home who read. It seems like you both meet that. Try to let her see you doing it and let’s see how it goes?
  • That sounds like a good plan. What can we do at school?
  • I’m glad you asked! The other thing the author of this book really recommends is having books in the home. I’m going to make sure Julie has time to visit the library often, and I’m also going to have a chat with our librarian so he can help encourage Julie to check out more challenging books.
  • This is wonderful. I’m so happy we had this chance to chat. Thanks Joe.
  • You too, Take care! I’m going to order this book on Amazon too!
  • My pleasure Ashley. Again, I really enjoy having Julie in my class and I’m excited to see how this will reignite her love of reading. Take care!