lil red ridin in the hood
Updated: 1/12/2021
lil red ridin in the hood

Storyboard Text

  • once upon a time a girl named lil red was driving through the hood to go to her granny.
  • Today is a good day to go and secure my bag at granny’s.
  • And where does your granny live?
  • she crossed paths with a few werewolves on the way and they were wearing durags
  • what's up shawty are you lost?
  • no, i'm going to granny's to secure the bag.
  • And is she rich by any chance?
  • Eventhough granny died lil red still aquired the bag !!!
  • shut up goofy
  • She lives in grove street
  • what's poppin granny
  • the werewolf enters granny's house to steal the bag
  • $$$
  • This is what you deserve for killing my beloved grandmother.
  • $$$
  • $$$