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French Revolution Part One
Updated: 10/11/2020
French Revolution Part One
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  • Papa I am starving.
  • Why is the Priest eating like a King and we can't afford bread?
  • The taxes and feudal dues are crushing us. We will have to sell the cow.
  • God made us part of the First Estate.
  • The King wants to tax the nobles! That's crazy.
  • The war in America is costing us too much and so are your clothes and crowns. The bakers are hoarding flour and the peasants are complaining they have no bread.
  • Let them eat cake.
  • The Peasants and Bourgeoisie - The Third Estate
  • War, my wife's spending, greedy nobles and useless peasants have made me bankrupt. I need to raise the taxes!
  • The Clergy and Nobility - The First/Second Estate
  • My wheat! The weather ruined my crops for the third time! How will we eat? How will I pay the taxes?
  • Absolute Monarch - King Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette
  • We don't like you having complete control
  • I'm losing my power!
  • The French Government is Bankrupt
  • Bad Harvest 1787-1789
  • The Estates General Meeting - May-June 1789
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