TSLW Episode 7 - Monky business
Updated: 4/5/2021
TSLW Episode 7 - Monky business

Storyboard Text

  • Episode 7:Monky business
  • forsaken me and my mind
  • I hail from ancient times.
  • is clouded. All is lost.
  • ?
  • For centuries I was locked
  • in stone. My sensei has
  • If he ends up coming
  • for his part of the salary!
  • along, I'm not paying
  • So now you're bored
  • and unemployed like us!
  • Wanna join the group?
  • Hey, What's 
  • that familiar
  • flapping sound?
  • Let me through, 
  • I'm a doctor!
  • Please come back down, Ezekiel! It was a critical fail!
  • Hey, that's my line!
  • Take this foul stench of death and decay, beast! That's one of my spells, of course ...
  • Nääähy!
  • Ugh! Sweaty dwarf!!!
  • Shite! I'm underleveled!
  • Awesome, we really 
  • needed a good chiropractor
  • in our group! You're in!
  • Hey guys, look what I found! Did I miss anything?
  • No idea what year it is but it's not the year of the dragon! Hiiiyaaa!
  • Not bäääd!
  • Nice! Let's cut it open and set up camp, Tauntaun-style!