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gatsby story board
Updated: 3/28/2019
gatsby story board
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  • Daisy insists that the group goes to the city. Tom begins to realize Daisy is in a relationship with Gatsby. Tom heads to New York to confront Gatsby. They all get into their cars by 7 o' clock.
  • "Please, Tom! I can't stand this anymore"(Fitzgerald 134).
  • "You two start on home, Daisy." " In Mr. Gatsby's car" (Fitzgerald 135).
  • Gatsby lets Daisy drive the car and she runs into Myrtle and knocks her dead. Their car is now known as the " death car." Daisy rushes down the road so no one sees.
  • "What happened?-- that's what I want to know."( Fitzgerald 139). 
  • Tom runs out of the car with Nick and Jordan to see the commotion and realizes the woman dead is Myrtle. Since Tom was driving Gatsby's car earlier that day, he makes sure Wilson knows it wasn't his car.
  • " Auto hit her. Ins'antly killed"(Fitzgerald 139).
  • "What a coward!" "He didn't even stop his car"(Fitzgerald 141).
  • Nick, Jordan, and Tom went off to Daisy's after seeing Myrtle dead. Tom realized who did the crime and gets upset.
  • "Won't you come in Nick?... It's only half-past nine"(Fitzgerald 142).
  • Nick and Jordan head into Daisy's while Nick waits outside for a taxi home. Nick was feeling sick and wanted to be alone.
  • " No thanks" (Fitzgerald 142).
  • "Just standing here, old sport" (Fitzgerald 142).
  • As Nick waits for his taxi, Gatsby comes out of the bush. He plans to wait there to watch and make sure Tom doesn't hurt Daisy. Nick learns more about the accident.
  • " What are you doing?"(Fitzgerald 142).
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