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Updated: 10/7/2020
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  • Look a tornado! These form when warm air collides with old air. The denser old air is pushed over the warm air, and the warm air will begin to rise, causing an updraft, and an begin to spin fast!
  • In the US tornadoes are mostly found in Tornado Alley, which is located in Central USA. This is an ideal place for them because cold air from Canada meets warm air from Mexico.
  • Tornadoes grow as the circulation gets stronger and weaker. The storm begins when a hot and cold air mass meet, and the hot air mass is pushed under the dense cold air mass. This causes the updraft. Eventually the tornado will die down and slowly disapear.
  • Tornadoes are huge columns of spinning air, and they contain dust and debris. The bottom of the tornado touches the ground, while the top can be miles high.
  • Tornadoes are very dangerous, and can rip trees and homes from the ground, make things airborne, and can throw debris at humans.
  • It is getting closer! I need to go into my basement, avoid windows, and not go into a mobile home. I am glad I have a safe room and some essentials to use till it is safe to leave.
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