French 1: Cartoon Assessment

Updated: 9/7/2021
French 1: Cartoon Assessment

Storyboard Text

  • I-What is this man saying?
  • Comment vous appelez?
  • Comment ça-va?
  • Bonjour?
  • You're new right? Respond with "Je m'appelle followed by your name."
  • Jay my apple Kristen?
  • Slaut!
  • Bonjour Monsieur!
  • The door slams open and kids come pouring in.
  • Hi. Im new here. What are your names?
  • Ewwwww, why did she kiss her on the cheek?!?!?!? Wait...Do I have to do that!?
  • Je m'appelle Jules. Elle s'appelle Chloé. Et toi?
  • *SMMMMOOOOOOCH* (Chloe seemingly kisses Jules on the cheek).
  • Jay my apples Kristen?
  • What does "Too All Kell Age" mean?
  • It's Je m'appelle not "Jay my apples" Im assuming you're new to French.
  • You're funny! J'ai Dix ans. Elle neuf ans. Tu as quel âge?
  • Yeah, French is confusing at first but just practice those phrases we talked about and you will be caught up and ready for tomorrow's test
  • Test?!?!?! I...I..I don't think I am ready for a test. All I really know is how to say "My name is" and even that is extremely confusing.
  • Attention students! Class ends in 5, please clean your desks and check in with me. A' demain class. Enchantè Kristen!
  • 30 Minutes later