Updated: 6/30/2020

Storyboard Description

a story about Littering

Storyboard Text

  • There are lot of people out in the world who want to save me
  • This is whats going to happen to earth if we dont do something about litter the world will be full of rubbish
  • There are lots of people like me who want to stop littering and save the planet
  • And soon what will happen is that lots of animals in rivers and oceans will die.
  • In the ocean lotrs of animals are diying every day because of littering. turtles are the most commen speseies to die infact 100,000 turtles die a year
  • There is a company called the hidro flask who have made a drink bottle
  • fun fact victora spends about $43.5 million a year on cleaning up the road from litter