Updated: 2/5/2021

Storyboard Text

  • How did you kill a ghost.
  • I didn't he's just incapacitated... forever.
  • Thank you Shrek for coming to my aid and thank you Citros for being forced to come to my aid and aiding me.
  • Whatever let's just hurry through this mansion so I can leave.
  • Many ghosts later
  • Hello normies it seems my minions cant take care of you themselves. But don't get ahead of yourselves. There's a reason i'm the boss of this mansion.
  • Boss Music starts
  • He has RGB Lighting!
  • Mwahahah
  • WHAT!
  • Your lightning is impressive but have you ever heard of an RGB glock
  • And Thus our traveler has made it through the mansion and has gotten his reward