Fish rok
Updated: 8/14/2020
Fish rok

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  • I am Erika the fish. I lived a very long time ago, but I turned into a rock. Here is my new rock cycle lifestyle.
  • Danger! Extremely hot magma/lava aheadI start off as magma which is melted metamorphic rock. Sometimes I get stuck inside the volcano and I become intrusive. Other times I make it outside and become extrusive
  • This is my least favourite stage of the rock cycle. It gets so cold. Once Iv'e completely cooled off after being magma, I become igneous rock.
  • Weathering and erosion wears me down and turns me into cedemants. After this i float to the ocean and sink to the bottom with other dead fish and plants.
  • After thousands or millions years of being compacted with other fossils I become a sedimentary rock. This process is called cementation / cedementation.
  • In some cases, geological life or the movement of tectonic plates can take me back up to the surface. Other times I stay underground for millions of years until intense pressure and heating causes me to change from sedimentary to Metamorphic rock.
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