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Updated: 11/25/2020
RE thing

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  • Hello, my name is Martin Luther
  • Hello there, my name is Martin Luther. I am a monk born in a small German town called Eisleben in 1483. I had a normal life, living with both of my parents, and having a normal education. I studied teaching at the University of Erfurt, where I later became a teacher at the University of Wittenberg.
  • In 1512, I became a Doctor of Theology until 1517, where I became a reformer. I decided to be a reformer because I noticed the corruption of the church. The Catholic Church was selling these things called indulgences. What these do is when someone buys it, either them or a passed relative will have their souls cleansed of all sins, therefore letting them into heaven.
  • Come...
  • It began when Pope Leo X didn't have enough money to rebuild St. Peter's Basilica in Rome and was trying to earn some money on the side. These indulgences, also called Relics, were sold all across Europe, with John Tetzel Selling them in Germany. In my opinion, this isn't right because our souls are cleansed through our faith, and not the doings of us or others.
  • WE DID IT!!!
  • I took action by myself, knowing that the consequences of going against the church were illegal and I could be executed for it. I pinned the 95 Thesis to the door of the Wittenberg's Castle Church. The 95 Thesis is 95 points from the Bible, which shows that the Catholic Church is going against their own Bible.
  • By doing this, I was invited to participate in the Diet of Worms when I was visiting the town of Worms. A diet is a type of political and religious assembly where they discuss problems and ideas. I was called here to discuss my charges of heresy that I committed when I pinned the 95 Thesis to the Church door.
  • After many years of protest, I finally got my way. This helped out everyone because the Catholic Church wasn't as controlling anymore, and multiple more religions were founded including the Protestant religion. This benefitted everybody who was poorer and didn't have a lot of rights.