Hunger Games
Updated: 2/14/2020
Hunger Games
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  • Man Vs. Self "If he knows this, then what else does he know? And how does he know it? Many people could tell him that Gale and I spend out Sundays hunting. Dont we show up at the end of each one loaded down with game? Havent we for years? The real question is what he thinks goes on in the woods beyond District 12."
  • Man Vs. Man "Speak, MIss Everdeen. Him I can easily kill off if we dont come to a happy resolution. You arent doing him a favor by disappearing into the woods with him each Sunday."
  • Man Vs. Society "The streets are almost deserted, which would not be so unusual at this time of day if people were at the mines, kids at school. but theyre not. I see faces peeking at us out of doorways, through cracks in shutters.
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