Book Six
Updated: 12/12/2019
Book Six
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  • I have no hatred for the Trojans, and Helen was helping me feel better about myself.
  • You started this war!(Logos)
  • Sit here with me so you don't die in this war I caused. (Pathos)
  • I'm sorry, but I have been trained to fight, so I must.(Ethos)
  • Your wife has gone to the Trojan wall to pray, and a servant holds your son.
  • Where is my wife and son?
  • Hektor scolds Paris for not fighting in the war that he started. Paris says he was feeling sad and that Helen was helping him feel better. Paris leaves to fight.
  • Please, don't make me a widow and make your son grow up without a father!
  • Helen wants Hekor to stay with her and not fight, because she feels guilty about starting the war and does not want him to die. However, Hektor tells her that his duty is to fight and that he must first go to his wife and son to say goodbye .
  • I hope I die before you become a Greek slave!
  • Hektor, breaker of horses, goes to his house to find Andromache, but she is not there. He asks a servant where she is, and she tells him that Andromache is at the Trojan wall.
  • Zeus, please bless my son!
  • When Hektor arrives, he finds Andromache, who begs him to not forsook her. She tells him that her entire family is dead, which means that Hektor and their son is her only family(Pathos).
  • Hektor comforts her, and admits that his biggest fear is not Troy falling, but instead her becoming a dishonored Greek slave.
  • Hektor asks the gods to bless his son, to make his son even greater than his father. Hektor puts down his helmet and picks up his son, signifying his battle between family and honor(Greek value)
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