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Updated: 10/4/2018
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  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • Rising Action
  • Today I went to a public house and bought an ugly mutt for half a crown. I figured I could use him to my advantage to rob a house. As we were heading back to my apartment the mutt kept trying to wonder off. The mutt just wouldn't stop barking. This dog is going to get a walloping of a lifetime if it doesn't stop.
  • Climax
  • As we were about to walk into my apartment complex, a cop walked up to me and told me "I needed to get a air change." We entered my apartment and I started to pack my stuff but, the mutt wouldn't stop barking so I walloped him.The same night we left for the country. Once we got there me and Bill started to have a conversation about how to fix the guard dog. Me and Bill planned a way out to fix the guard dog by when he was out in the open we would poison him.
  • Falling Action
  • We trained the dog to not bark when people entered through the window. If he barked i would wallop him, and if he didn't I gave him a treat. Eventually we poisoned the caretaker's dog, and we sold him Blackie. Once we sold him the dog looked sad but excited at the same time. All that was left was the robbery.
  • Resolution
  • That night I checked the house and I noticed a car I didn't see before. I didn't expect anyone else to be there. I thought this could ruin the plan, to much time and effort was spent to make this plan. I still had to go through with it though. So I looked out for activity around the house just to make sure no one was up.
  • I broke in through the window and the mutt was right there. It seemed like it was about to bark but it didn't. I started to steal the most valuable items, the mutt just sat there and stared. I turned around and I didn't see the dog anymore and next thing i knew there was a man with a shotgun right behind me. He had missed his first shot and i jumped out the window.
  • I found my self running in the dark with the mutt, and the guy with a shotgun behind me. I climbed up a tree as I thought i was in the clear. Then i heard footsteps next thing I knew the dog was right there under the tree. The guy threatened to shoot me if I didn't come down so I did. As the police forced me into their car I saw the mutt one last time.
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