Native Americans
Updated: 10/23/2020
Native Americans

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  • Those known as American Indians are the indigenous peoples of North America. Contrary to what you might think, the native peoples of the United States were divided into dozens of ethnic groups with very different customs, languages, and lifestyles. Apaches, Sioux or Cheyennes are some of the names of the best known tribes thanks to the big screen, but there were man
  • History: Why Were Native Americans Called Indians?
  • When Christopher Columbus landed in Guanahaní (Bahamas) on October 12, 1492 , he believed that he had reached India. The navigator had set out two months and nine days earlier from Puerto de Santa María, in search of a new route that would reach the Asian country by crossing the ocean.
  • American Indias CustomsThe American Indians had a strong warrior spirit , were good hunters, and had great respect for nature. However, their customs and languages ​​were very different from each other.It is estimated that when Europeans arrived in North America, there were more than 300 different indigenous languages in these towns, of which more than half have disappeared and those that are still spoken are in danger of extinction.
  • Clothing of the American IndiansAs with their customs, the dress of each tribe was different. In general, in most native towns, men wore loincloths and protected themselves from the cold with trousers and skins from deer and bison. For their part, women used to wear leather dresses, as well as tunics that covered their skin.
  • Some of the most famous Indian chiefs in the West were Sitting Bull , a chief of the Sioux who, along with Mad Horse , another Sioux leader, led the famous Battle of Little Bighorn. Red Cloud , leader of this people before them, was another of the most prominent Indian chiefs who fought in the so-called Red Cloud war, thanks to which the Treaty of Laramie was signed
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