storyboard - Pilgrims
Updated: 3/20/2020
storyboard - Pilgrims

Storyboard Text

  • I'm going to persecute you and put you in jail !!
  • We are going to sail to AMERICA to have a new life.
  • We are going to form our own congragation called SAINTS !
  • We want worship God in our own way...
  • We want religious freedom !
  • The first part of the trip was calm, the sea too, some passengers were sick.
  • Two ships had to travel to America but the Speedwell was broken and had to return to harbour. It is therefore alone that the Mayflower will travel on the 6th of September 1620.
  • I'm a strranger, I'm looking for a better life in America but I'm not a member of the congregation.
  • I'm a member of the crew, I work on the ship. We are 130 passengers.
  • I'm a saints and a believer ! I'm part of the congregation of pilgrims.
  • The second part of the trip was HARD: there were heavy storms and the Mayflower was damaged.
  • I fell into the water, I'm going to die...
  • The Mayflower is a small boat, there's not enough fresh water for everyone, it's dirty, smelly, and crowded.
  • Two deaths and 66 days after a crewmember saw the American coast...
  • We're looking for a place to settle where we could plant, build a harbour and where there would be a freshwater river .
  • The pilgrims built a village and established the colony of PLYMOUTH, now called Massachusetts. All were happy and could freely exercise their religion.
  • Before we got off the ship, we had to sign an agreement called the Mayflower compact... It sets fair laws!
  • They had to face a difficult winter, they weren't prepared!
  • We weren't surprised when the new visitors arrived. Before them there were explorers, fishermen, hunters...
  • Us native Americans had already been living here for hundreds of years when the settlers arrived...
  • When we saw the families getting off the ship we hoped they would come in PEACE.
  • During the first winter there was NO COMMUNICATION between the two people. Then, following a treaty, their relationship was peaceful and trade developed.
  • After the first harvest in 1621, the pilgrims invited native Americans to join them for a feast.
  • We propose you to continue this tradition every year after the first harvest of the year.
  • We'll call it THANKSGIVING.