history of texas
Updated: 2/12/2020
history of texas

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  • Moses Austin a banker dreamed of starting an american colony so he went to Texas. In 1821 the Spanish officials granted him a big piece of land. Austin later dies and his son carried out his dream.
  • Austin's colony had a great success. Although, the american settlers had several complaints they were used to governing themselves and not my the mexicans. The Tejanos had their own complaints they did not like that the americans had came to Texas without mexico's permission.
  • Attack!!
  • A group led by a lawyer named William Travis began calling for revolution. Another group led by Stephen F. Austin asked the Mexican government to reopen Texas to immigration. Austin promoted a rebellion against the mexican dictator and was sent o jail by Santa Anna.
  • In late February 1836, a large part of Santa Anna's army reached San Antonio. About 180 volunteers defended the town. This is when the texans took over the Alamo. The general demanded that they surreded and instead they responded with a cannon shot. For 12 days they were pounded with cannons and only the woman and children were spared.
  • Sam Houston the commander of the texas revolutionary army understood why the texans were mad. Santa Anna kept pushing forcing the to move towards the east. Later Houston's troops planned a surprise attack. They overrode the Mexican camp forcing Santa Anna to flee.
  • Now Texas is independent it they earned the name lone star republic from the single star on their flag. Although most texas wanted Texas to become apart of the United States. They remained their own colony for 10 more years and then in 1845 Texas was admitted the 18th state.