Updated: 1/24/2020
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  • wow look at all the tools they have for trading
  • Trade in the Neolithic
  • Welcome, over here we have all of our items for trading 
  • Trade in the Paleolithic
  • So what items do you have to trade today?
  • Since, we are on low resources we don't have that many items to trade with you.
  • Advantages
  • I should have traded better tools so i could have made a better tent
  • In the Neolithic Age, trade among settlements in the Near East and Mediterranean Sea grew. One resource that was widely traded was the black, volcanic glass called obsidian. It made excellent blades.
  • Thanks
  • FoodIf the neolithic people haven't invented growing and planting food then we would have had fruits and vegetables and so many other foods
  • In the Paleolithic times, they only did long distance trading because they were moving around every time so it was just easier for them to long distance trade
  • For
  • CommunityThe community has changed since the Paleolithic and Neolithic because now a days we are more structured together and now we have the advantages to grow food for the community
  • If the Neolithic people get a good trade then with the items they have they could build new equipment to help them with their jobs. which means that The paleolithic people had to do their work without any new tools
  • Reading
  • TradeNow a days we don't trade its more like we just buy the things we need with money. So you could say that we have improved since back then with trading
  • My
  • ShelterWell we can all say that now we know what type of shelter is used for the conditions were in. And that we knew a little more about the materials that made the.
  • Comic
  • JobsAgain the jobs in the Neolithic times and the Paleolithic times are much different then the jobs we have to do. Back then they didn't do the jobs to get money they did them to survive and we haven't had to do that
  • Strip
  • The EndHoped you liked my comic strip about the Neolithic and the Paleolithic times
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