"Great serendipities of our history"
Updated: 3/28/2021
"Great serendipities of our history"

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Fraga Flores Diego Muñoz Méndez Mariana Regina Peña Fonseca Gael Quiroz García Jesús Andrés

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  • Wurzburg, Baviera 1895
  • I accidentally discovered the x-rays.
  • Wilhelm Roentgen, Professor of Physics
  • I was born March 27, 1845Lennep, Kingdom of Prussia.
  • Dr. Roentgen on November 8, 1895 produced electromagnetic radiation while testing whether cathode rays could pass through glass.
  • I had a cathode tube that was covered in heavy black paper.
  • So I was surprised when an incandescent green light escaped.
  • I saw that it was being projected on a nearby fluorescent screen.
  • .
  • Through experimentation, I found that mysterious light would pass through most substances but leave shadows from solid objects.
  • Roentgen quickly found that X-rays would pass through human tissue too, rendering the bones and tissue beneath visible.
  • Because he did not know what the rays were, I called them 'X,' meaning 'unknown,' rays.
  • Thinking of a name
  • Doctors around the world were using X-rays to locate gun shots, bone fractures, kidney stones and swallowed objects.X-rays are especially useful in detecting skeletal diseases.