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Updated: 9/4/2020
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  • It was awful. Not only did we lose Tessie, but i also lost work because of the event.
  • Don't mention it. Too bad, not only did we lose Ms.Tessie,but i also lost work beacuse of the event.
  • How was yesterday,i mean the lottery?
  • Don't you think there is no point in such an activity?
  • I don't think so,After all, It's traditional holiday. we do it every year.
  • 2.The deaths of many people, such as Ms Tessie,were completely unnecessary!
  • 1.Yes, just because we do it every year,it's time to stop now.
  • 3.Why, this is ridiculous.
  • 1.SO you answer me a question.
  • 2.What would happen if you won the lottery next time?
  • 4.yes,who want to die!
  • 3.emmmm,I'm afraid that's not good. Ican't imagine.
  • 1.So do you still think the festival should go on?
  • 5. Sounds great!
  • 2.Haha,don't make fun of me,I really don't want to go on!
  • 4.Maybe I could make it up to Her by helping them collect at Tessie's fam.
  • 3.I'm so sorry about Miss Tessie's death.
  • When we have finished picking cotton, we will complain to the village head!
  • Let's Do It!
  • We went to the mayor. I wanted yhe villagers to get rid of this dirty custom.
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