Updated: 3/8/2021

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Tech 801

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  • Hi I'm Mike Charles And today I am going to be teaching you about Binary
  • Computers work in 1's and 0's
  • This is called binary
  • A bit has 2 states On, Or off. They can represent 2 choices e.g. True or false
  • A bit is The smallest Piece of Information a computer can store
  • With More bits, you can represent more complex and detailed information
  • Computers are made up of wires and circuits which transport the information around a computer
  • Any Number can be represented by the binary number system.In the decimal system the values of each box go up by x2. In the binary system the number 101 is 5 as shown below 1x4=4 and 1x1 =1
  • 100s
  • (4x1)
  • x4e.g.1
  • Binary number system
  • Decimal Number system
  • 10s
  • (2x0)
  • x2e.g.0
  • 1s
  • x1e.g.1
  • (1x1)