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Jumanji Storyboard
Updated: 6/1/2020
Jumanji Storyboard
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  • Peter and Judy found a game and brought it home to start playing but before that Judy had to read aloud the instructions, to leave the game you must save Jumanji and call out its name. Peter was eager to play but soon found it boring, but it was only the beginning..............
  • Peter rolled the dice and got a 7, he moved the dice to seven. it read go back 2 spaces lions attacked and right before her eyes, there stood a lion waiting anxiously to pounce on peter, Peter ran and the lion got stuck in a room. Judy rolled and soon there were monkeys in the kitchen!
  • Peter rolled and landed on a blank space, Thank Heavens! he rolled again and it said monsoon season lose one turn. It started to rain as Judy rolled and got guide, move 1 space forward.
  • This time it was Peter's turn. He rolled and got a 6, there it stated bitten by a tsetse fly and contracted sleeping sickness. Slowly a fly sat upon Peter's nose, he was about to brush it off when he yawned and fell into a deep slumber. Judy tried to was trying to wake him up!
  • Judy rolled and ended up with a stampede of rhinoceros', thankfully it woke Peter up from Slumber. it was now Peter's turn, he rolled and ended up with pythons!
  • Finally it was Judy's turn, to get out of the forest she had to get 2 sixes, it felt like she was never going to be able to, there will be another animal to terrorise them, Judy rolled 12! as soon as she was out she yelled at the top of her lungs Jumanji and everything returned back to normal and the 2 children fell asleep soundly.
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