History Comic
Updated: 3/13/2020
History Comic

Storyboard Text

  • Why should I ?
  • Fine I will go.
  • Come to our ship you work for us now?
  • American sailors have been forced to work for British Forces.
  • James Madison came to report the interference towards American sailors.
  • Sir I have found that British forces have been impeding on American Sailors!
  • How dare they do that!
  • There is now an Embargo between the United States of America Great Britain
  • Are you a madman?!?!? This is a horrible idea!
  • A little while later.
  • The embargo between the United States of America and Great Britain has ended
  • I told you it was a bad idea! There was an economic disaster!
  • A little bit later.
  • This day is a very important day.
  • Are they crazy?
  • On June 18th, 1812 the United States of America declares war on Great Britain!
  • Serves them right!
  • Why would they do this?