Updated: 11/30/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Kaptan and Maugayan had a child together named Lidagat and Lihangin that were arranged married and had a children who are Licalibutan, Libulan, Liadlao and Lisuga.
  • One day Licalibutan wanted to seek more power so he planned to kill his father kaptan but they fail and die. Licalibutan turned into a land while Libulan and Liadlao melted.
  • The youngest Lisuga started to wonder where is her siblings so she went to his father but he is so mad so he also struck her with a strong lightning that she broke into peices
  • f they decided to give a light with eternal glimmer. Liadlao became the sun and Libulan became the moon. Lisuga became the thousands of stars in heaven. However, the arrogant Licalibutan was given none. Instead, the gods decided that he would support a new creation. Kaptan gave Maguayan a seed for him to plant on Licalibutan's body. A bamboo tree grew. Man and woman emerged from the bamboo. They were Silalak (lalake) and Sikabay (babae). Their children were Libo, Saman, and Pandaguan, who was quite cunning.
  • Kaptan went to Maugayan with heavy feeling and calmed down when he found out that she is not aware of the plan. Both of them mourned for their grandchildren.