Short story
Updated: 2/5/2021
Short story

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  • Its late evening in November andMr mead is walking
  • He is standing at the cross roads
  • “Deciding which way to go, but it really made no difference”
  • stopped to say hello
  • "what's up tonight on Channek 4, Channel 7, Channel 9?
  • “To step over grassy seams and make your way hands in pockets”To me this makes me think that it is abandoned.
  • Along comes a lone car.
  • This makes me think that it real didn't matter which way he went because some how he would just come back to the same spot.
  • The police car speaks!
  • To me it seems like he might ne making fun of the people that judt stay inside all night and watch TV
  • Get in
  • "where are you taking me?"
  • "whn a lone car turned a corner and quite suddenly and flashed a firce white cone of light"If I were Mr Mead I would feel quite stuned at the sight of a car and i would probbaly be draw towards the light .
  • Mr mead must feel mystified at the only police car in the whole city has come up to him!
  • "Business or profession?" .... "no proffession"
  • "What's your name?" " speak up!"
  • " Leonard Mead" "Leonard Mead!"
  • "I guess you would call me a writer"
  • Mr Mead dosen't know where he is going and when he finds out he is stunned.
  • "get in"
  • "To the Psychiatric Centre For Reaserch on Regressive tendencies