dog's book pt.2
Updated: 4/6/2021
dog's book pt.2

Storyboard Text

  • oh hi Christopher, sure
  • hi mother, i'm really tired but wanted to see you, could i stay at yours?
  • Christopher decides to go to live with mother in London
  • climax
  • i lost my job and i would take him to Swindon but i'm too stressed
  • Christopher won't go to school and he'll be home alone, that's not ok
  • i have an exam where i have to get an A!
  • at mothers house there's a little bit of conflict with Mr. Shears
  • falling action
  • good job! but..ehm Chris.. Toby died:(
  • we are very sorry Christopher, but i decided to get you a dog
  • C. and mother went back to Swindon and lived with father, C. had his exam and passed but toby died. So father brought him a dog and C. strated to gain trust back
  • resolution
  • thank you so much, i love him!!
  • i passed my maths exam!!