anti bullying
Updated: 11/20/2020
anti bullying

Storyboard Description

if you dont save ill scream

Storyboard Text

  • joshYour so stupid just dont come to school tommorow.
  • why dont you learn some stuff because school isnt helping
  • joshHaha you got themaths question wrong stupid child!
  • stephenHi. I heard josh laughing at you today just ingnore
  • any ways can you help me with my homework. Question B please.
  • It's not fair i'm so stupid
  • At school the next day...
  • Look at the loser!
  • class 010
  • I'll tell him now
  • Josh is bullying me I don't like it
  • You better stop bullying Amber
  • I'm so sorry i cant believe i hurt her feelings so bad
  • Not everyone is smart, gorgeous or can handle the names and things you call them. Just be nice and treat everyone like you want to be treated. Please just be nice and please stop calling people names or hitting them. Body shaming or online texting rude things is not acceptable! You don't want to feel like you're worthless or any thing like that do you? Do NOT do things like this to other. They can handle the situation differently than you think. #EVERYONE IS PERFECT!