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StoryBoard_Lazo_Plant propagation
Updated: 9/29/2020
StoryBoard_Lazo_Plant propagation
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  • 2) I'll help you! We will be doing grafting, A twig from one plant is attached to the stem of another and becomes a permanent part of the other.
  • 1) I want to make more Mango trees since I only have one, how though?
  • First; Sanitize your tools to reduce the risk of infection. Since you’ll be making an open cut into the plant, you should keep your hands and tools clean to reduce the chance of an infection entering the plant.
  • 3) Binding the wound with a special caoutchouc strip or biodegradable plastics. Waiting until the scion grows on. This may take a few weeks in which the caoutchouc disappears.Cutting off the rootstock plant above the grafting spot. The best time for grafting is from mid-July to mid-September.
  • 2) Slightly loosing the bark of the rootstock. Only after performing a T-cut. Inserting the scion into the gap underneath the bark. Or putting it onto the rootstock the scion should not overlap.
  • 1) Cutting out the sprout, also called scion or cion, from the second plant. Performing a “T-cut”, named after the shape of the cut, in the rootstock. Or cutting out a full piece of the rootstock.
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