The Pearl
Updated: 11/11/2018
The Pearl
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  • The Pearl
  • The Pearl By: John Steinbeck
  • Exposition: Calm, Relaxed
  • Rising Action: Surprised, Happy
  • Thank God!
  • YEAH!!!:)
  • Franceska Vocaj
  • Climax: Greedy, Betrayed
  • Kino we need to throw away this pearl. It's bringing us bad luck!
  • Kino and his family start another peaceful day. The song of The Family, starts playing in Kino's mind. Kino and Juana start eating their corn cakes for breakfast.
  • Falling Action: Angry, Upset
  • Our son just died! NO!
  • Kino and Juana go to the doctor for help, but to their surprise he doesn't want to help them since they are in a lower class then him. Because of that Kino get's his canoe, goes to the sea hoping to find a pearl to sell for money. Then a miracle happens, he finds the Pearl of the World.
  • Resolution: Sad, Miserable
  • After some series of events, Juana thinks that the pearl is giving the family bad luck. So she tries to throw the pearl away. But because of Kino's greed for the pearl, he stops her and then kicks her.
  • NO YOU ARE WRONG! We need this pearl for our son's education.
  • Once Kino and Juana decided that they will have to go to the capital to sell the pearl, Kino discovered that they had being followed all the time. Then, when Kino tries to attack the "followers", he kills them. But in the attempt to, Coyotito got shot.
  • Kino and Juana arrive back to the village, with Coyotito's dead body. Then Kino throws the pearl back to the sea, knowing that the pearl only brought him destruction to his family.
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