The Story Of Moses
Updated: 3/12/2020
The Story Of Moses

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  • We're So Tired.
  • Slaves In Egypt: Exodus 1:11-14
  • You will be safe now baby brother.
  • The Birth and Youth of Moses: Exodus 2:1-10
  • I love you son. You will now be safe.
  • Moses flees to Midian: Exodus 2:11-22
  • I am not innocent. I KILLED A MAN!
  • I must complete the task God has given to me
  • The Lord calls Moses:Exodus 3:1-17
  • Have the Hebrews be free!
  • Ramses you must let my people go.
  • The Lord calls Moses:Exodus 3:1-17continued
  • NO! I will not be the weak link!
  • Cover your doors with the blood of a lamb and I will not infect you with the Plague.
  • The Passover: Exodus 12:21-28