Saint John Baptist De La Salle

Updated: 3/18/2021
Saint John Baptist De La Salle

Storyboard Text

  • Saint John Baptist De La Salle
  • Sir, do you have extra change?
  • Do you have a dream? I'll make it come true, I'll bring to my school
  • Okay sir, thank you!
  • Wow, Is this school really yours?
  • Yes, I'll show you your brothers
  • The first Roman Catholic male non-cleric congregation dedicated solely to education, learning, and teaching.
  • In 1678, La Salle was ordained as a priest and dedicated his life to educating the poor. He assisted in the establishment of charity schools in Reims, and later organized his teachers into a religious order. He also established reformatories and boarding schools for middle-class boys.
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