La leyenda de Aquiles

Updated: 6/15/2021
La leyenda de Aquiles

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  • Achilles was one of the most recognized heroes of theTrojanwar, he was the son of Peleus (king of the Myrmidons in ftia) and ofthetis nymph, when Achilles was born he became immortal because hismothersubmerged him in the Styx river, however As he held it by the heel, thispartdid not become immortalized and thus his invulnerability arose but at thesametime his greatest weakness.
  • Achilles over time develops his warrior skills together withhis younger cousin Patroclus. His name becomes known by the number of people hedefeats and it continued to be so until the war between the Trojans and theGreeks where he together with his myrmidons would have to face Hector, amongmany others, another well-known warrior from mythology.
  • Among the entire battle there comes a point in which Hectormurders Achilles' cousin (Patroclus) because he confused him since he waswearing armor and a combat style very similar to Achilles. After that, theprotagonist is engulfed in sadness and anger, which is why he is destroyed.
  • Achilles asks his mother for a new and powerful armor, afterthat he challenges Hector in a single combat outside the walls of Troy and getsrevenge against the death of his cousin.
  • The war continued, the Greeks found a way to enter Troy and was building a huge wooden horse (as if it were an offering from the gods) for the Trojans to let him enter the walls, but this horse inside was full of Greek soldiers and that night Troy was on fire.
  • When it seemed that everything was going to turn out wellbecause the war was already won, his revenge had been fulfilled and everyone would remember his name, Achilles was careless when Paris, Hector's youngerbrother shot an arrow at Achilles in his heel, leaving him in a state ofvulnerability. because he was no longer a fast warrior so he could not avoid the other arrows that were shot at him and fell in battle.