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Updated: 7/24/2020
Comic On/ Story tale
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  • Hi Jesus, ready for English class.
  • Yes, of course, let's go to class.
  • Hi everybody how are you?
  • Today's topic will be "Gerunds and Infinitives".
  • When one verb follows another, the first verb determines the form of the second.
  • This can be the gerund (verb+-ing) or the infinitive (with to) or the base form (without to).
  • Use the gerund after certain verbs and expressions, for example enjoy, can't help.
  • When pharasal verb is followed by another verb, the verb is the gerund, for example keep on, give up, look forward.
  • Use the base form (without to) after modal verbs and some expression, for example might, would rather.
  • Use the infinitive form with to after certain verbs and expressions for example want, afford.
  • I want to speak to you. they can't afford to buy a new car
  • With the explained you can say some examples.
  • It might rain tonight. I'd rather eat in than go out tonight.
  • I enjoy listening to music. I couldn't help laughing.
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