Updated: 5/11/2020

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  • I cant I have to do homework
  • Sure i'll come
  • wanna come to my house after practice
  • Of course you can, that's what friends are for.
  • can i talk to you about something?
  • well sometimes he is but not to me normally and Ben and I get along well
  • what should I do about Ben he keeps being mean and annoying I don't want to talk to him anymore
  • I mean I just think he is too aggressive about everything and he's really mean and selfish and a liar
  • well what are things that make a good friend
  • the qualities I like the most in a friendship is honesty and trustworthy like you don't lie to me and i trust you with everything
  • now that I think about it Ben doesn't have those qualities and he's isn't such a great friend
  • that's what makes our friendship work so well we get along trust each other, can talk about anything to each other and we don't lie to each other about anything