MGMT 100

Updated: 10/10/2021
MGMT 100

Storyboard Text

  • The CEO, part of the top management level of the management hierarchy, explains the idea of implementing a new product to the middle management representative.
  • Then, in order to carry out the firm's strategic plans put in place by the CEO, the branch manager meets with the supervisory managers to communicate a detailed plan and the procedures to be carried out.
  • Furthermore, the first-line management staff will meet with their employees to assign them to specific jobs that would fulfill the company's objectives.
  • Employees then work on their own tasks, motivated from the effective communication carried out in the firm's hierarchy.
  • The communication between supervisory management and the production line workers is essential to ensure that every employee is on the same mindset about the objectives and how operations must be carried out. If questions or concerns arise, employees must communicate to their superiors to validate their worries.
  • Workers then know what they are doing, with a sense of purpose, and have more incentive to doing their jobs right and effectively.