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freddie mercury
Updated: 3/13/2020
freddie mercury
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we stand freddie mercury

Storyboard Text

  • As the British were getting close to attacking Quebec, the spoke in French to trick the French into thinking they were French soldiers returning.
  • Nous revenons! Pouvons-nous entrer?
  • Ahhh oui! Je vais pour ce coir.
  • Hundreds of British troops scaled up a 53 meter cliff at 4am, silently waiting for the French to realize and freak out at their arrival.
  • After a long climb up the cliff, the British organized themselves in neat lines and stood in front the fortress that was built around Montreal waiting for the French to notice and freak out.
  • As the sun rose, the French noticed the British standing in perfect rows outside their fortress. Montcalm, the general of the French, ordered the troops to attack. The British waiting for all the French to shot, and shot them while they were reloading their guns.
  • The French were now living on British land, and every time the British walked by a French person the French were always in fear hoping the British wouldn't hurt them.
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