Hans and Sophia Scholl

Updated: 6/15/2021
Hans and Sophia Scholl

Storyboard Text

  • Hans Scholl became a fähnlienfūhrer (little flag leader) in the Hilter Youth 
  • Hans Scholl joined a group called the jungenschraft. The Gestapo banned the movement. Most of these were sent to prison, among them, Hans Scholl
  • Hans Scholl completed his studies at school and went to university in Munich as a medical student.
  • In 1942 Sophie Scholl now twenty-one joins her brother at university.
  • The two learned about the atrocities the nazi party were committing.
  • With the help of university lecturer, Kurt Huber, the young men began to print paamphlets and distribute them secretly. These bore the name flügblātter Dee weiben rose, the white rose pamphlets.