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Updated: 7/29/2020
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  • The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall, a fiction novel, written by Katie Alender is the perfect read for a teenage girl. There are many lessons that one can take away from this book such as the power of courage, be careful who you trust, and the importance of family.
  • The power of courage is an important lesson for teen girls. Most girls say they are insecure about something, but if they have courage and strength, their insecurities will not get the best of them. In the book, Delia defeats the black fire which takes a lot of courage. In reality, our “black fires” are our insecurities; if we face them head on, we can overcome them.
  • I encourage all of you to read this book for its storyline and lessons.
  • Another lesson to learn from this book is becareful who you trust. In the book, Florence turns out to be the antagonist.Delia does not know her for very long but puts a lot of trust in her to help her. This lesson can be used whenever you are making friends. Even if they seem nice, like Florence, they can have a mean and untrustworthy side of which you do not want to be a part of. Consequently, you should not trust people too quickly.
  • Finally, another lesson you learn from this book is the importance of family. While Delia is alive, she takes her family forgranted and acts very rudely towards them and it is not until after she dies that she realizes how important her family is. In reality, we sometimes take our families for granted; we should not need a drastic situation to happen to us to realize that we need to be more grateful. If we learn from other people’s mistakes, then we can change. When people read this novel, they are reminded of the importance of family and how much of an effect it has on our lives.
  • For all of these reasons, The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall is the perfect read for teenage girls.