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Updated: 2/17/2019
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Storyboard Description

There are three girls and two boys and VP the VP was at prom with the all the kids Mike Jake Ashley Veronica and Danielle was dancing and Monica which is the nerd who has no friends everybody makes fun of her comes to prom with a nice dress when and Jake and Jake and Ashley and Veronica hated it because they didn't have a nice boy blows but Jake has a crush on the repeat was jealous because he didn't want take the lights to be because of BP what's his girlfriend so what happens next wait until the, comes out by Frenchyana

Storyboard Text

  • hey guys
  • I'm getting married and I want you to be there if you can make it it's with Mike so by
  • the new V.P is so hot !!!!
  • Going to see my son no okay I thought my girlfriend was at work
  • it this the new cafe
  • New special Krispy Kreme donuts
  • will you be my girlfriend Monica
  • yes I will Jake
  • so you rather dumped me for her
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