To a Waterfowl
Updated: 1/9/2020
To a Waterfowl
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College Prep English Block A2

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  • hmmm....
  • Wanted
  • no, it's going to an ocean side
  • Where do you think that there bird is gonna go? Five bucks says he's going to a plashy brink.
  • those fools don't know anything
  • nah, I think he's gonna go to a weedy lake.
  • The bird will go which ever way his instinct tells him to... it's like there's a higher Power influencing him
  • He's been flying all day, and now into night, so who knows how long he will fly for? He doesn't seem tired.
  • dangerous man on the loose
  • That face is familiar
  • here ducky duckies, come have some sandwich
  • Flying is getting hard, but I'm gonna fly until I reach the land that puts me with my fellow birds so we can scream together. There will also be Reeds.... lots of bendy reeds
  • hm... this newspaper has some sketchy articles
  • Sketchy, obviously illegal bird farm in area
  • But I went off for dinner with no one to eat with, and now the bird is gone. But that bird was flying alone as I was eating alone, and I think it's taught me something. Something I read in a poem once...
  • There he is! Let's get him!
  • He, who, from zone to zone,Guides through the boundless sky thy certain flight, In the long way that I must trace alone, Will lead my steps aright.
  • Gregory's Bird Farm
  • meet Paul the Polar Bear
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