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A day in the life of GMO foods
Updated: 5/17/2020
A day in the life of GMO foods
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Genetically modified food items have been suddenly become a big thing with both pros and cons. This comic shows the good and bad sides to have genetically modified food items.

Storyboard Text

  • Welcome To;GMO Food With Bri
  • Hi I’m Bri! I‘m here to tell you guys all about GMO food.
  • Potatoes, squash, apples, and papayas are a commonly modified food.
  • GMO food is when a scientist or someone else genetically modifies a food products DNA so the food product can grow faster or bruise less or get bigger.
  • GMO food can be good or bad! For example GMO food can help the food item/product to be better than before from being able to stand different climates to changing the growing speed and size of the item, but GMO food can be bad, GMO food can cause sickness or disease in the organism eating it or it can turn out bad and just fail as a plant. So GMO plants and food items could be a good or bad thing
  • In my personal opinion I find GMO foods to be unique they can be good or they can bad. So depending upon if the GMO food is good or bad is how I will react and what my opinion will be!
  • Another thing I want you guys to remember is that, You must always site your resources! My resources for this information are,, Listen wise, WBUR News and
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