moosina the moose
Updated: 5/9/2020
moosina the moose

Storyboard Description

one apon a time there was m0ose caalled moosina she was a gitty

Storyboard Text

  • The village was having a strike of bad luck because there had been a drought for 2 months so the farmers couldn't grow crop and the people were thirsty and starving.
  • Later that night, Lesedi and Finbar awoke startled for they had had a dream of the guinea gods. The dream said to seek the gods and find adventure. Lesedi and Finbar had not known that they had both had the same dream but once they chatted in the evening they realised they had.
  • The young boy and his campanion went to find the guinea piggods.After they retrived them. they squeaked that they could help them by giving them a-------- so the water god could cry tears of happienes over the world