#1 War of the Worlds
Updated: 1/20/2021
#1 War of the Worlds

Storyboard Text

  • ExpositionMain Characters: Carl Phillips + Professor PiersonSetting: Observatory at Princeton, October 30th, 1938
  • Professor Pierson, what do you think about what's happening on Mars and the meteor?
  • Well, Carl Phillips, I think it's only a coincidence.
  • Rising ActionMain Characters: Carl Phillips + Professor NielsonSetting: Wilmuth Farm, NJ
  • This thing is not from this Earth-
  • Whoa! It's unscrewing!
  • Rising ActionSetting: Wilmuth Farm, NJAntagonist: Martians + Alien MachinesExternal Conflict
  • We Surrender!
  • Rising ActionSetting: Broadcasting Studio
  • 40 people, including Carl Phillips, were killed at Wilmuth Farm. We have here the Secretary of Interior, from the government.
  • Listeners, we are recieving many bulletins of these cylinders appearing everywhere.
  • Citizens, Martians are invading and you are all in danger.
  • Rising ActionAntagonist: Martians + Alien MachinesExternal Conflict
  • The Martians seem to be intentionally attempting to stop all communication and travel, but they are leaving cities alone. Our military has tried to burn a cylinder, but it released a black smoke, which is spreading everywhere. There are 6 machines that are spraying smoke at planes...All military forces have been defeated.
  • ClimaxSetting: Broadcasting StudioAntagonist: Martians + Smoke
  • Alien cylinders are falling everywhere, fast as flies. People are trying to run away, but it's no use. There's a thick fog everywhere, and it works even through gas masks. The smoke is... coming... clo-