Updated: 5/26/2021

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  • WW2
  • Brown V Board of Education
  • Montgomery Bus Boycott
  • Don't board busses!!!
  • WW2 is the largest war fought till date, in where a man named Hitler enslaved millions of Jewish people in concentration camps.
  • Little Rock
  • In this historic congress ruling, it was deemed unconstitutional for schools to enforce segregation among colored students.
  • Birmingham, Alabama
  • One of the several civil rights movements in which citizens boycotted public transportation because of its segregation.
  • March on Washington
  • At a highschool name Little Rock Central High, 9 African American students enrolled in a previously all white school until the Brown decision. They were treated badly and had to be escorted by police.
  • In Birmingham, Alabama 1963 a series of civil rights movements were met by police in which there were many confrontations.
  • In 1963 a massive march to Washington of an estimated 250,000 was done in order to shed light on the civil issues in the United States.