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Main Course - Independent Reading Cafe By: Riyanshi Gupta
Updated: 11/8/2019
Main Course - Independent Reading Cafe By: Riyanshi Gupta
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  • Where am I? Who are you?
  • You REALLY don't remember? Well, I am your best friend Leo and Piper is... more than your friend. We go to Wilderness School for "bad kids". We're going on a field trip to the Grand Canyon.
  • Piper, I'm your partner! You are SO lucky!
  • Are you ok Jason?  Did you hit your head?
  • Come on, Dylan. We have to do this worksheet!
  • Welcome to the Grand Canyon, cupcakes!
  • I have a bad feeling about the dark clouds. My head is starting to hurt.
  • Did you make that just now! Wow!
  • It would have been cooler with some rubber bands.
  • Did you do this?Don't play games with me, kid. What are you doing here and why are you messing up my job?
  • You don't know me? Thank goodness! Look sir, I don't know how I got here. I just woke up on the school bus. All I know is that I am not supposed be here.
  • I know that,. You must have a powerful way with the mist kid, but you can't fool me. I have been smelling a monster here for days now, but you don't smell like a monster. You smell like a half blood. So who are you?
  • I don't know who I am. I have no memories. You have to hep me! Also, what was all of that about monsters and half-bloods? Were they code words?
  • Are you the special package? The camp sent me a message saying the extraction team was coming for a package. I knew I had two powerful half-bloods and a monster's scent here. Then you pop up. So, are you the package?
  • What is he talking about?
  • What director? What Camp?
  • You say you've got no memories, huh? Fine. I'll just have to watch you, too, until the team gets here. We'll let the director figure things out.
  • Everyone get indoors!
  • Uh oh! The storm's getting much worse. Everyone inside! Off the skywalk!
  • Come on Leo!
  • Thanks for saving me!
  • Dylan! What are you doing?! Ow!
  • Jason, Leo, stay behind me. I should have known he was the monster
  • Sorry Piper, I am done helping
  • Piper!
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