The Creation Of Icebregs
Updated: 3/23/2020
The Creation Of Icebregs

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  • Frosty Cold Wonderland
  • The Jealousy Kicked In
  • Getting Geared Up
  • oh dear we better all get prepared
  • Frosty Cold Wonder Land was the nicest of them all. All the people that lived there were the most wonderful people. Especially the leader of Frosty Cold Wonder, Icebregable. Everyone was incredibly jealous of Icebregable and his people.
  • The Fight With The Assistants
  • There was especially one guy that was very jealous. His name was Markle, Markle got so jealous he sent his assistants over to Frosty Cold Wonder Land to defeat the land and people living there.
  • The Genius Idea
  • I know exactly what to do!
  • Icebregable got whiff of Markle assistants coming so he started to prepare for the fight. The whole Wonder Land was set up with great gear So, the assistants would have a hard time fighting.
  • The Finally Fight
  • The assistants came to fight, although it didn’t last for long at all as Icebregable and his people had the best gear. So, Markle assistants couldn’t keep up and had to flee. And the assistants decided that it was a job for Markle.
  • Icebregable was lying in bed that night wondering how to defeat Markle. He came up with a genius idea to lay ice around the Wonderland so when Markle came he would sink into the ice.
  • Marklewas caught sight of. He didn’t know about the layer of ice. He and he was traveling at speed so when he hit the ice he sunk, and sunk quickly. After that day the layers of ice drifted around the world and became icebergs.
  • ahhhhhhhh